UPDATE:  COVID-19 Situation

In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, this meeting will be held entirely on-line using Zoom.  Zoom connection details will be sent to registered members via email.

SOC 3/30/20

The Waterloo Centre for Astrophysics (WCA) and CCAT Observatory, Inc. are pleased to invite astronomy researchers to the annual CCAT-prime Collaboration Meeting to be held at the University of Waterloo April 7 and 8, 2020.  CCAT-prime ( will be a 6-meter diameter, 10-micron surface precision telescope working at submillimeter to millimeter wavelengths.  It will operate in survey mode only and first light is expected in 2021.

This Collaboration Meeting aims at bringing together the CCAT partnership and all astronomers in Canadian institutions who might be interested in submillimeter and millimeter science using CCAT-prime. The participation of Canada in this project is through the Canadian Atacama Telescope Consortium (CATC) organization that includes fourteen Canadian universities.

The program will include an introduction to CCAT-prime, its abilities and limitations, and the current state of its construction. The first light instruments (CHAI and PCAM) have reached a mature state of design and one of the goals of this meeting is to finalize the design specifications needed to meet the science goals. The final goal of this meeting is to begin the process of formalizing the surveys that CCAT-prime will carry out in its first years of operations.  A number of science goals have been identified, but the CCAT-prime team welcomes ideas/suggestions/proposals to improve the scientific productivity of the facility (more information can be found at the CCAT-prime website above). The first morning of the meeting (Tuesday, April 7) will end with presentations summarizing the current science goals and descriptions of the surveys to achieve these goals.

The afternoon of April 7 and morning of April 8 will be filled with a variety of group meetings, some running in parallel with others.  These will include science teams (e.g. Intensity Mapping, Galactic Ecology, Polarization) and teams responsible for CCAT-prime sub-systems (e.g. telescope, Observatory Control System (OCS), PCAM data reduction). There will also be numerous joint meetings (e.g. synergies between CCAT-prime surveys and surveys at other wavelengths, such as those with LSST, DESI, EUCLID, WFIRST; transients survey team with cosmology survey teams; mirror alignment teams meeting with the OCS team).  The meeting will end early on the afternoon of April 8 after some after-lunch summary discussions about action items and project deadlines.

We expect to host about 50 participants.  No registration fee will be required. For any inquiries, please contact Mike Fich ( or Gordon Stacey (

Gordon Stacey (co-chair), Cornell University
Mike Fich (co-chair), University of Waterloo
Manuel Aravena, Universidad Diego Portales
Kaustuv Basu, University of Bonn
Scott Chapman, Dalhousie University
Norm Murray, University of Toronto
Mike Niemack, Cornell University
Robert Simon, University of Cologne
Amelia Stutz, Universidad de Concepción

Will Percival (chair)
Donna Hayes
Mike Fich